Wall Art: Best Decor Wall Paintings for Indian Houses

Do you want to give your house’s walls a charm, a new look, or something extra that enhance your look of the home? Are you tired of the ordinary look of your walls and want to make it look fresh and rich? But want to do all this without damaging or changing the design of your walls?

The answer to all these questions is wall paintings! They are inexpensive and attractive that make its surroundings positively Beautifull. Wall Paintings do not just enhance the look of your wall; it makes the ordinary walls look so beautiful and attractive. You can hang painting without changing damaging the design of the walls; it’s easy and inexpensive.

Paintings express things, feelings, and able to set a mood. We, here going to help you to find the Best Wall Paintings that suits your wall and moreover perfect for enhancing the look of the home.

Why do you need a perfect painting for your home?

A perfect painting enhances the look in your room or home. You don’t need to spend lots of money to upgrade or change your walls, just hang a painting.

Painting express many meanings, moods, passion, and moreover expressions and feelings. You just need a painting that expresses your feelings as well as give grace to your room. The wall painting can motivate you and help you to express yourself to anyone without telling them.

How to choose a perfect and suitable painting for your wall?

The best way to choose a perfect painting for your room is to choose a painting that has meaning within it as well as look beautiful on the wall.

Today we are going to help you to choose the perfect wall paintings for your home. We spent more than 90 hours on the internet to find the best wall paintings for you. We divided the paintings and added 30+ wall paintings to choose from.

Best Wall Paintings for Home

Here are our best picks for you. We hope these wall paintings would enhance your home, room, or workplace at a new level. So, let the game begin…

Multiple Framed Printed Forest Canvas Painting

Wall Painting
  • Canvas Painting stretched on wooden framed.
  • High-Definition Digitally Printed.
  • Ready to Hang.
  • Suggestion: A perfect choice for Bedroom and Living Room.

Golden Lord Buddha Canvas Painting

  • Unframed Premium Digital FHD Printed.
  • 100% Cotton Canvas.
  • Available in four different sizes.
  • Suggestion: It can be used for Living Room, Offices, or gifting purposes.

SAF Animals Designer UV Textured Painting (Set of 4)

  • Four Framed Paintings.
  • Synthetic and multicolor.
  • Motivational and for children.
  • Suggestion: It will look good in the Bedroom, Drawing Room, and Study Room of your children.

Artistic UV Textured Painting

  • “Artistic” Synthetic UV Textured Painting.
  • Painting Frame dimensions are 35 X 50 X 3 cm.
  • Leight weight frame used, weight is 989 g only.
  • Suggestion: It will look good in the Drawing Room and Living Room.

SAF Motivational UV TexturedPainting (Set of 4)

  • Synthetic multicolor Painting.
  • Motivational & Writen.
  • Set of four paintings at a low price.
  • Suggestion: This motivational & written painting would look good in the Bedroom, Study Room, and it would be a right choice as gifting.

Paper Plane Design Unframed Canvas Painting

  • Unframed & Carefully rolled in hardboard tubes.
  • Cotton Canvas (300 gsm).
  • Available in four different sizes. High-quality product.
  • Suggestion: This Masterpiece will look great anywhere, especially in Living Room & Drawing Room. It is perfect for gifting.

HOME ATTIRE HAP-1104 Night Moon Painting (Set of 3)

  • Rectangle-shaped, set of 3 paintings.
  • Weight of 980 g.
  • Primary color- Black, Primary material- Synthetic.
  • Suggestion: It would suit your Bedroom or Drawing Room.

MOS BestofBharat Beach Theme Ocean Waves Sea Framed Wall Art

  • Ready to hang- Lightweight and Durable.
  • Eight-year warranty.
  • Available in three different sizes. This masterpiece is made in India.
  • Suggestion: This is a high-quality painting and gives a luxurious look anywhere you hang it. It will look fantastic in Living Room, Drawing Room, Hall and near to the from door wall.

Reindeer Abstact Multi-effect Panel Painting

  • Synthetic, multicolor, and framed.
  • Vertical Panel Painting.
  • MDF Board Used.
  • Suggestion: It will look good in the Drawing Room, and in Hall.

Hazzelnut Multiple Frames Krishna Balram Playing Wooden Framed Art Panels

  • Multiple Frames, High Definition Textured Surface, Laminated with a sparkling touch.
  • Water splash-proof and easy to clean, wipe with a wet cloth, that’s it!
  • Painting of god Krishna and Balram playing, a good landscape.
  • Suggestion: This Krishna and Balram painting will surely enhance your Living Room, Drawing Room, or Dining Room’s look.

Botanical Artwork- Abstract Floral Art

  • Available in five different sizes.
  • Many different frame colors are available.
  • Unique Matt Textured art print with the synthetic wooden frame.
  • Suggestion: This painting will surely look good in Living Room and Bedroom. It can be a quite good gift for women.

ArtFactory World Map Canvas

  • Unique World Map.
  • High-quality canvas with high-quality print and fabric.
  • Size of the product is 64″(H)X40″(W).
  • Suggestion: This is a unique world map, this will look good in Office, Study Room, and Hall.

Rand Mcnally Home World Map Oil Painting

  • Large Modern English up-to-date World Map Painting.
  • Informative & antique-style accents for a more upscale look.
  • High-quality print and material.
  • Suggestion: It is an informative wall painting; it will suit in your Drawing Room and Study Room.

Indianara Square Quotes Wood Art Painting

  • Square-shaped, synthetic wood, multicolor.
  • Size of the product is 23x23x4 cm. Set of three art paintings.
  • Motivational and quotes painting with fantastic color and visual art.
  • Suggestions: This wall art painting will look good in the Bedroom, Study Room, Drawing Room, and Offices.

Multiple Framed Bike Canvas Painting

  • This is the painting for bike lovers!
  • Made with high-quality material (Cotton Canvas with german pine wood frame) and HD printed on canvas.
  • Available in five different sizes.
  • Suggestion: This painting would brighten your walls, if you are a bike lover then you might love this painting. It would really look good in Bedroom and Living Room.

Modern Art Multiple Frames Ganesh Wall Painting

  • The wall painting is Digital painting on high-quality vinyl, Framed on heavy MDF Board and ready to hang.
  • Laminated and sparkle touched with matt and textured finish.
  • Size of the Frame is 24×76 cm.
  • Suggestion: Decor will give a different look and feel to the place, a positive look. It is a perfect wall decor painting for Living Room, Bedroom, Office, and Drawing Room. It can be a perfect gift for your friends and relatives.

PRINTELLIGENT Shiva Family Tanjore – Canvas Painting

  • The painting is a typical representation of Lord Shiva Family, Hindu gods.
  • This Tanjore Painting is unframed and will be shipped in professional hardboard tubes to you.
  • Unique and long-lasting impression with an extra margin for future framing.
  • Suggestion: The Shiva Family Tanjore will enhance the look of your Living Room, Drawing Room, Office, and Dining Room.

Indianara Avainger-Superhero Art Painting

  • Avenger Superhero – Iron Man, Hulk, Thor & Captain America.
  • Rectangular-shaped, synthetic wood, multicolor.
  • Set of four paintings, the size of the products are 26×23.99×6.39 cm.
  • Suggestion: This is another one for superhero fans and children. This painting will look good in the Study Room, Bedroom and Living Room. It can be a good gift for children and for those who are a superhero fan.

Superhero (Avenger & DC Comics) Poster Canvas Art Painting (10 Piece)

  • Superhero Printed Poster Canvas Art.
  • Size of the Poster Canvas is 12×18 inch.
  • If you’re a superhero fan or Avenger fan or DC Comics fan, then you might love there canvas art hanging in your room!
  • Suggestion: This Canvas is for superhero fans and children. It will look good in the Study Room, Bedroom and Living Room. It can be a good gift for children and for those who are a superhero fan.

Nutcase “A Superhero Sleeps Here” Digital Painting

  • Set of 2 Digital Painting, size of 22.9×22.9×1.3 cm.
  • It is designed by top national & international leading graphic artists.
  • The product is designed as well as made in India.
  • Suggestion: This digital painting will surely enhance the look of your Bedroom.

Tamatina Unframed PUBG Large Wall Poster

  • PUBG Lovers will love this one; it is an unframed PUBG digitally printed painting.
  • Available ten more different PUBG digitally printed painting.
  • Dimensions of the product are 58.4×88.9 cm.
  • Suggestion: PUBG lover and game lovers will surely love this! It will look awesome in the Bedroom, Hall, and Living Room.

Indianara Motivational Superhero-Woman Art Painting

  • Square-shaped, synthetic wood, multicolor.
  • Package of Four Art Painting.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Suggestion: It will look good in the Bedroom, Study Room, and Living Room. You can gift it to children and female friends; it might be a good choice as a gift for them.

Marvel Superhero Printed Art with Frame

  • Package of eight printed art poster with frame.
  • Size of the product is 10×13 inch.
  • It is going to make your gaming setup, office desk, study table, or any wall look stunning.
  • Suggestion: It will look awesome in your Living Room, Drawing Room, and Study Room.

Pink Tree Modern Wall Art Painting

  • High Definition Digitally Printed on Canvas.
  • Ready to use, Size of the product is 91x61x6 cm.
  • Canvas painting print is stretched on a wooden frame to give the look of original art painting.
  • Suggestion: This Digital Painting will look good in the Living Room, Office, and Drawing Room.

Tamatina Varanasi River Ganga Painting

  • Unframed and carefully rolled in professional hardboard tube.
  • River Ganga is called to be a holy river in Hindu relation.
  • Available in four different sizes (small to xx-large).
  • Suggestion: The Ganga River Painting will make your walls look elegant and beautiful as well as bring a devotional feel. It will look good in the Living Room and Drawing Room.

999Store Framed Canvas Abstract Art Blue Painting

  • High Definition digital printed modern painting.
  • Available in eight different sizes and many more options available.
  • This multicolor painting can also be used as wallpaper and tapestry.
  • Suggestion: Hang it in Bedroom or Living Room, it will give a pleasant and beautiful view.

The Avengers Team Wallpaper Canvas Wall Art

  • Unframed & carefully rolled in professional hardboard tube.
  • Avenger Fans are so emotional towards their superheroes. Here is one special thing that will touch their heart, All Avenger superheroes at one place.
  • Size of the product is (2ft*4ft).
  • Suggestion: Marvel fans and especially avenger fans love this as a gift or love to buy. It looks good anywhere you hang, but it will look great in the Living Room and Drawing Room the most.


Wall Paintings will help you to enhance the look of your home. A perfect painting makes the surrounding look positively beautiful. If you are thinking to buy a painting for your home then, you are in the right place. We only included the best products here that will change the look of your room’s wall and make it more beautiful than it ever before.

You have many choices in the list but, we have also given some more suggestion below, so you could have enough options to choose from. The product that we recommend to you can be slightly different (color, size or weight), we advise you to be sure what you need and then choose the most compatible and reliable product for yourself.

If you are looking for the option other than wall paintings to enhance the look of your room’s wall then, wall hangings might be your choice! We have also made the article on The Best Wall Hangings in India to give you more and better options. Please click here to read the article on – Best Wall Hangings.

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