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Top 12 Best Tripod Options for Smartphone & iPhone 2021

Best Tripods for Smartphone, iphone tripods

A smartphone is the only thing we carry anywhere we go. Today, smartphones even have 4k video recording options. Smartphones are small, light, and has vast video recording options, and can be taken to anywhere easily that makes it one of the best option for video recording. Tripod is one of the essential ingredients for good videography. Tripod gives stability to the smartphone that helps to make the video better. Whether you’re a YouTube vlogger or Blogger if you have a smartphone and tripod make it easy to capture the video or a moment at the time. If you’re even just filming a family video or capturing special moments smartphone with tripods is very useful for a better, stable and film-like video capturing.

We made a list of the 12 Best Tripods for Smartphone available on the internet, you can buy them on amazon. Find here all the information about the smartphone tripods and iPhone tripods you wanted to know about. These are some of the best tripods available in the market.

UBeesize Compact Aluminum Tripod with Wireless Shutter Remote

tripod, smartphone tripod

The UBeesize Compact Tripod is an all-round tripod for smartphones. UBeesize is a compact and lightweight tripod made up of aluminum. It comes with many great features that we expect from the best tripod. Firstly, it let you adjust the angle of the legs freely and helps you to take a perfect shot from any position. It comes with a wireless remote with a range of up to thirty feet away, allows you to line up that perfect shot. Moreover, with its mini ball head design, it allows 360-degree rotation and 90-degree tilt, allowing you to get a perfect shot every time. This is an aluminum tripod and you need to no worry about the strength of the tripod. UBeesize provides Lifetime Warranty for this tripod. This tripod can be used for any smartphone or iPhone.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
Compact & Light Weight bodyMini Tripod
wireless remote w/ 30 feet rangeWeight of 181 g
Adjustable SkeletonComes with Wireless Remote

Ravelli 61-inch Aluminium Tripod with Bag

Best Tripods for Smartphone, iphone tripods

Revelli is known for its best tripods. Revelli APLT4 is one of the best available in the market. It has the pant and tilt motion feature that allows you to seamlessly capture the best video and photographs. Super durable aluminum construction keeps stable in native conditions. You can extend its height up to 61-inch, gives you a wide range of angles and heights to shoot. Revelli APLT4 comes with a carrying case (bag) to keep the equipment safe and clean.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
Maximum Height of 61.5 inchAPLT4
Pant & Tilt motion featureWeight of 953 g
Includes Carrying Case (Bag)Smartphone Mount Attachment

Gekkopod Portable & Flexible Smartphone Tripod

Tripod, Mount-Portable-and-Flexible-Mount, smartphone tripod, gekkopod, portable tripod, flexible tripod

Gekkopod Smartphone Tripod Mount is the ultimate flexible tripod for your smartphone! It can hold your smartphone securely and bends in any direction. Its legs can grip/wraps and hold tight to just about anything (like on the bicycle handle or even on a tree). It is made up of a durable silicone combination with specially formulated flexible metal. Its property makes it waterproof, long durable and flexible. Having such properties doesn’t mean it is heavy, it’s compact and lightweight. A universal smartphone holder allows it to fits any smartphone or iPhone.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
Ultimate Flexible TripodGekkopod 32044
Lightweight and CompactWeight of 113 g
Legs can hold anythingWaterproof & Complete Flexible

Joby GorillaPod Ball-head Tripod

1K-Stand tripod, smartphone tripod, ball head tripod, compact mirrorless camera tripod

JOBY Gorillapod has a unique design. With its ball head design, it can be mount to just about anywhere, and keeping steady even with the 1 kg of weight (2.2lbs). The biggest advantage of having it is that you can wrap it, grip it and stand it almost anywhere. Its ball head design makes it so flexible and stable that it leads you to capture crisper photos and smoother videos. Its design allows it to hold/wraps it to a branch of the tree and about anywhere else! You can even attach DSLR too, almost any device having weight up to 1 kg can be attached to this tripod. It is reliable and a strong gear with the unique design that gives it looks a charm.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
Ballhead designJoby Gorillapod
Fits up to 1 kg camera or smartphoneLightweight
Compact, flexible and portableTripod with Bonus Adapter

CamArmour Octopus Foldable Tripod

CamArmour, Octopus Foldable Tripod, octopus tripod, smartphone tripod

If you are looking for a cheap and fair tripod than it’s can be your option. This CamArmour Octopus Foldable Tripod comes with a universal phone holder that allows it to hold or connect with any smartphone and iPhone. It is a flexible and foldable tripod that allows you to move or carry anywhere easily. With its center shaft jacking system, it has a button that can be used to control the jacking system. It comes with a 3-way head. It’s a budget tripod if you don’t want to spend much money on the tripod, this tripod is a quite good option. If you are starting a YouTube Vlogging or blogging startup and wanted everything in budget, this tripod can be your option too!

Key FeaturesSpecifications
Flexible & FoldableCamArmour Octopus
Cheap & AffordableWeight of 340 g
Center shaft jacking system3-way head

Soloflix Gorillapod Octopus Tripod

octopus tripod, smartphone tripod, 12-inch-tripod,360 tripod

This tripod is a beast! You can attach it anywhere, thanks to its twisted and flexible legs. You can stand it, wrap it or attach it to about anywhere and any place. If you are varied about its strength then you need to stop because it’s made up of unbreakable materials such as fiberglass! This Soloflix Gorillapod Tripod is too flexible that comes with a 360-degree detachable ball head that gives you vast options to capture pictures and videos. The mobile holder is compatible with all smartphone and iPhone, you can also attach DSLR to it too!

Key FeaturesSpecifications
360-degree detachable ballSoloflix Gorillapod
Made up with FiberglassWeight of 299 g
Almost UnbreakableRubberized Foot

Digitek DTR 520BH Professional Tripod Cum Monopod

monopod and tripod, 360 monopod, digitek

Digitek DTR 520BH is one of the most high-quality tripods in the market. Many professionals and vloggers use this heavy-duty tripod. Its compatibility with digital cameras, DSLR, still cameras, GoPro devices, and smartphones makes it an all-rounder professional tripod. If you are a professional Vlogger or amateur filmmaker or want to be then we suggest this tripod the most! It gives you vast options. It can hold up to 7 kg weight, it comes with a 3-way ball head, multi-level locking, and steady rubberized legs.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
Multipurpose HeadDigitek DTR 520 BH
Can carry load up to 7 kgWeight of 2.45 kg
Can easily convert in monopod3-Way Ball Head

Final Talk

You have to consider Compatibility, weight, strength, portability, and adjustments all of them to buy the Best Tripod for yourself and that is why we made this list, to help you to choose the best tripod available in the market!

All the details features and specification of the product are given above, You just need to choose the best compatible tripod for you!

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