Top 5 Best Fast Chargers for Smartphone 2021

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Smartphones are a necessity now, and time is money. We hardly have any time to charge up our phones, but we need to charge them once a while. If you are frustrated by charging your smartphone over and over or if you are in a rush and do not have all or so much the time to charge your smartphone’s battery then Best Fast Charger is the only solution you have, unless you would like to carry one of the best power banks with you.

This is how fast chargers works

While charging Traditional chargers or normal chargers flow power into your phone from the power outlet, your phone has a built-in regulator to monitor the power level and prevent it from pumping in too much power or overcharging which may damage the battery.

But when you use Fast Charger or Turbo Charger and a quick charge device then the built-in regulator allows more power into the battery than a traditional charger, which results in charging the battery faster than normal. If you connect a fast charger to a device that does not support fast charging then the device will not be charged faster.

Best Fast Smartphone Chargers you can buy in India Online 2021

Fast chargers have made the lives much easier, it takes much less time to charge the smartphone and save much time. We spent more than 17 hours testing and researching these Fast Chargers. We have made a list of some best fast chargers available to purchase in India.

Generic 5V Dual Port 2.1 AMP Fast Wall Charger

This lightweight smart charger from Generic is small and sleek as compared to similar 2.1A chargers of other brands. It is a smart charger with auto-detect technology that detects your device and charges it at its fastest support speed thus, it also prevents your smartphone from damage.

Name Generic 5V 2.1AMP Wall Charger
Brand Generic
Item Weight 113 g
Number of Ports 2
Warranty1 Year

Mivi WC231 3.1A Dual Port Smart Wall Charge Adapter

Mivi WC231 3.1A adapter is compatible with phones of all brands. It gives two smart USB ports. This Mivi wall adapter is BIS certified to provide safe and reliable charging. This adaptor comes with the 1-year warranty.

Name mivi WC231 3.1A Dual Port adapter
Brand mivi
Item Weight 109 g
Number of Ports 2
Warranty1 Year

QuantumZero WalMATE Quick Charge Adapter

QuantumZero WalMATE quick charger adapter comes with two variants 1 port and 4 port, you can select any variant as your need while buying. The adapter is engineered with QC 3.0, charges compatible phones 4 times faster than conventional charges. The company claims that the adaptor comes with SmartQ fast charging technology that allows it to smartly detect devices connected, chose suitable current to charge at the fastest speed possible. It is an all-rounder of chargers, it supports all phones, tablets including iPad and iPhones, MP3 players, other USB chargeable devices.

Name QZ-WC20 adapter
Brand QuantumZero
Item Weight 90.7 g
Number of Ports 1/4
Warranty1.5 Year

E-Quick 3.1A Dual Port High-Speed (yellowdualportadapter_92) Adapter

E-Quick 3.1A Dual Port High-Speed (yellowdualportadapter_92) adapter comes with 3.1A dual port USB. The biggest advantage of this adapter is that it can charge up to 2 devices at full speed simultaneously. The company guaranteed safety with premium fireproof shell and over-charge, over-heat, over-current protection circuitry protect you and your device. The adapter is slim and lightweight and even stylish too. The adapter has a wide compatibility, compatible with iPhones, Android phones, Samsung Galaxy, iPad pro and more.

Name yellowdualportadapter_92
Brand E-Quick
Item Weight 59 g
Number of Ports 2
Warranty1 Year

Stuffcool CELOX-WHT Charger Type C PD 18W Mobile adapter

Stuffcool CELOX is able to charge your devices up to 60-70% faster than standard chargers. It is an 18W power delivery Type-C port charger. With the stylish glossy on the side and front matt makes it look premium. The adapter is compatible with all devices which support Type-C chargers. The adapter comes with 1 port that is capable of 18W power delivery.

Brand Stuffcool
Item Weight 109 g
Number of Ports 1
Warranty6 Months


In today’s fast life we even ​​do not have one minute for rest and we do not have enough time to charge the phone for hours, to save time and for quick charging we need fast chargers, That is why we have made this article so you can buy Best Fast Chargers as your compatibility and need without spending hours in searching.

Devices that we recommend could be slightly different in specifications from each other, we advise you to be sure what you need and then choose the most compatible device for yourself.

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