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10 Best Office Calculators to Buy Online in India (2021)

Top & Best Office Calculators List & details Buying Guide, best work calculators

Need a calculator that can solve all your financial and office purpose? Well, we made it easy for you. We compiled the list of best Calculators for office work that you can buy online in India from the comfort of your room or office. We also made a buying guide for office calculators for you, so it would make it easy to choose the most suitable calculator for you.

Here is the list of Top 10 Office Calculators in India along with their description of features and specifications, so that you can easily find the perfect calculators for your office or financial work.

1. Casio DJ-240D Plus Calculator

Casio DJ-240D Plus is the best deck calculator for office work. It has a huge display and keys, that make it easy and fast for you to calculate. The large fourteen digit display can help you to save a lot of your precious time. The calculator has a “000” key which allows you to insert large numbers much faster, and its 300-steps check helps users so much.

Another best part of the calculator is, it has dedicated tax keys for calculation of price plus tax, tax amount, Priceless tax, and dedicated GT key for grand total calculation. It can also separate digits based on the Indian numerical system as well, which makes it more convenient for Indian users. Well, surely it is a little expensive calculator, but it is perfect for the professionals working with finances and commerce. Makes it one of the best office calculator in India.

PowerTwo-way Power Supply (Battery & Solar)
Warranty3 Years
Dimensions (L*W*H)219mm x 146mm x 38mm

2. Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional Calculator

The calculator provides the most comprehensive sets of features compared to others, makes it a companion choice for both basic and advanced users. The calculator can do complicated calculations, it handles net future value, modified internal rate of return, and other advanced calculations.

It is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam approved calculator, which makes it trustworthy. Its build quality is excellent and has big dimensions. And because of its great-dimension, the calculator has a large display and buttons help to avoid errors while typing.

Warranty1 Year
Dimensions (L*D*W)6.1″ x 0.6″ x 3.2″

3. Citizen Desktop CT-770II Calculator

The three-line display and twelve-digit make this calculator one of the best in the market. These features make it easy to view the steps for a calculation along with the result. If you do statistical calculations regularly, then this might be a good choice.

This calculator is a good match for students as well as professionals. It would look costly, but features that it provides such as insertion key, mark up, square root, 12-digit, 3-line display, and more, make it absolutely worthy.

PowerTwo-way Power Supply (Battery & Solar)
Dimensions (L*W*H)146mm x 199.5mm x 38mm

4. Casio JJ-120D Plus Calculator

The Casio JJ-120D Plus offers a wide range of functional features. The calculator provides the best experience in basic calculations, and fairly in complex calculations. It has an LCD display, that enhances clarity.

Casio offers a three-year warranty for JJ-120D Plus all over India. Honestly, the price of this model is quite higher than most brands. But it has a good range of qualities, and if these qualities of features suit your need, then this is the best choice for you.

PowerTwo-way Power Supply (Battery & Solar)
Warranty3 Years
Dimensions (L*W*H)178mm x 111mm x 24.9mm

5. Bambalio BL-555M Calculator

The Bambalio BL-555M is a wide featured with a good price tag calculator. It offers one of the best quality on the market. The material and the overall build quality design make it durable. It has a reliable power supply system with a 2-way power mechanism.

The calculator has a wide display, a large LCD accommodates up to 12 digits which makes it easy to view all the calculations you made. The check function of the calculator allows you to review up to 112 steps back. It also offers other special features including correct & autoplay function & more.

PowerTwo-way Power Supply (Battery & Solar)
Warranty3 Years
Dimensions (L*W)13mm x 13mm

6. Casio HL-122TV Potable Calculator

This small and lightweight calculator is able to perform many complex operations. It is small & lightweight which makes it an ideal portable calculator. Even it is a small calculator, it features a big display and long battery life.

The Casio HL-122TV calculator features speed. It could be one of the best choices for those who want quick results from a calculator. Even after it has a small dimension design, it has additional keys such as the GT key (Grand Total) and the tax function keys. Since it is small, travel-friendly (portable), and able to do complex calculations, it could be a great choice for the professionals who travels a lot for the work.

PowerTwo-way Power Supply (Battery & Solar)
Warranty3 Years
Dimensions (L*W)14cm x 7.5cm

7. Casio MJ-12VCB-BU

The Casio MJ-12VCB-BU features five bright color options. The feature that makes this calculator different from the traditional calculators is that its design. It is a 12-digit calculator with 300 steps check & correction function, which is a good deal at this price range.

Another notable thing in the calculator is that it has the Indian Indian numerical system, which makes it ideal for Indian users. This unique colorful calculator might be a good portable companion.

PowerTwo-way Power Supply (Battery & Solar)
Warranty3 Years
Dimensions (L*W*H)144mm x 105.5mm x 26.2mm

8. Orpat OT 400T/400GT Calculator

This calculator has an LCD display for brighter and clearer display, soft push buttons for good grip, and accuracy. 120-step check mechanism and dual powered system. This calculator is able to perform all your Tax calculations with a great response rate. The size of this calculator is small and that’s why it doesn’t have a huge-sized display. And about the price range, this calculator is worth buying. Overall it is a well-prized calculator.

PowerTwo-way Power Supply (Battery & Solar)
Warranty1 Year
Dimensions (L*W*H)128.3mm x 133.5mm x 21.5mm

9. Citizen Desktop CT-500JS Calculator

With the large and bright display, you can work well even in poor lighting areas. It can do simple calculations with a quick response rate. It also doesn’t have most of the features needed for financial calculations but just the basics, so if you’re looking for a regular & basic calculator with a good response rate for your fast calculation works, then this is a good choice.

PowerTwo-way Power Supply (Battery & Solar)
Warranty1 Year
Dimensions (L*W)12.5cm x 13.5cm

10. SaleOn Financial & Business Office Calculator

This is another mid-range model by SaleOn. It is a compact designed calculator. One notable feature that it has is the acrylic protection on its button, because of this protective layer, the numbers on the buttons never get wipe off for the lifetime. The other features are basic, it doesn’t support complex financial calculations.

PowerTwo-way Power Supply (Battery & Solar)
Warranty10-day replacement warranty
Dimensions (L*W)12.8cm x 12.6cm

How to Choose a Suitable Calculator for Your Office Work – Office Calculator Buying Guide

If you want the best and the most suitable calculator for all your office work, then you should consider these following factors when looking for a calculator.

Look for what You Need in a Calculator

The first thing that you should question yourself is what feature you actually want in your calculator to have for the convenience of your work. Don’t buy a calculator that has features that you don’t need because for more features you need to purchase a more expensive calculator. So, buy a calculator that has features that you need. In this way, you can buy a suitable calculator for yourself without overspending your money.

For example, if you usually need basic calculation help, then a low-end standard calculator can work for you. You don’t need to buy an expensive 12-digit or tax function calculator. On the other hand, if you need a calculator for complex calculations, then you can make a list about what features you need, and then match it with the best prize-ranged calculators that feature those, and pick the best one, as we have done on this list.

The Size of the Calculator

Calculators are available in many sizes. You just need to know what size do you need. To find out the suitable size for you, ask yourself this simple question, do you need to travel a lot with a calculator for work? If yes, then you should consider the small or medium size calculator as they are more portable. And if you don’t travel a lot, then a standard or large size calculator might be good, because they have bigger keys and display. But remember, choose as your needs.

More or Less Digit? Which is good?

For accountants and financial professionals, at least 10-digit should be visible on the display of a calculator. As they need to work with large numbers and need more accurate decimal values, the 12-digit calculator would be the ideal choice for them. But if you need a calculator for basic calculations, even an 8-digit calculator can work fine for you.

Calculator’s Power Mechanism (Battery)

Typically calculators use solar panels or chemical energy (battery) for power supply. The calculator could feature one power supply or even both. Those calculators which feature combined power supply (Battery+Solar) are called two-way power supply calculators. They exploit the benefits of both sources, and the power supply could last long for years. And the other calculators which use only chemical energy (battery) are called one-way power supply calculators. Batteries in one-way calculators need to be changed every 3-7 years, depends on your usage and calculator’s power consumption.

The Durability

You can check the build quality by knowing about the material used in the making of a calculator. Material directly influences the durability of the calculator. A good material used in the calculator can make it durable for years and even withstand the damages and shocks.

Always Buy Calculator which have a Warranty

Always look for the calculator that features warranty because the manufacturers who ensure the best quality on their products, always attach a form of warranty to their products. And another plus point is that it protects you from any manufacturing faults the products may have upon delivery as it can easily be replaced. But it is not necessary that good products should have a warranty, some of the best calculators in the market don’t have a warranty, and they perform great. You should always check the user review about the quality if possible.

Calculator’s Display

For display, you should look for the display size, screen technology, and screen size.

Display Size

By this, we mean how many digits calculator allows you to enter or show. Usually, calculator features 8-digit, 10-digit, or even 14-digit. If you do calculations that include large numbers, then go for a calculator that allows you to display many digits.

Screen Technology

Typically calculators use LCD or LED display. Usually, you will see the LCD screen in the calculators cause most of them uses LCD. The screen technology really doesn’t matter much in calculators, but if it’s LED then it’s better.

Screen Size

Always look for the calculator which as good screen size. It will allow you to see clearly.

Keyboard, and key size, and the shape

Look for the calculator that is logical and organized, it means keys that have related functions should be group together for better access and approach. One more thing you should know that the size of the keys also matters. The larger keys usually mean more accuracy and comfort because keys fit the fingertips and it’s easier to work in compared to the small keys. And also, the rectangular keys are a good choice over other shaped-button because they do not get fully hidden by your fingertips, which help to maintain a good grip.

Final Talk

Whether you are a professional, a student, or someone who uses a calculator for simple personal use, finding the right and the best calculator will help make you more efficient, fast, and accurate. And choosing the best suitable calculator for your needs requires a clear understanding of some essential factors that you can find in our Buyer’s Guide above.

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