Best Bed Sheets to Buy online in India 2020

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We all love a good sleep after a terrible day, a good day, or a normal day. Yes, we all do love our beds. So here we bring you something that you like to give to your bed. We are talking about bedsheets which are modern and comfortable and will surely make your bed look attractive and beautiful.

Bed sheets are as important as mattresses and pillows for a comfortable bed. Remember, You layover on a bed sheet not on the mattress directly, so bed sheet material needs to be right; otherwise, it even leads to be skin infection and problems. But don’t you worry, in this article, we bring you some of the best bed sheets for you that you can buy online and the bed sheet buying guide.

We have divided the list into two- the first list is for double bed bedsheets, and another is for single bed bedsheets.

Top 10 Best Bed Sheets for Double Bed 2020

Here are our top 10 picks for the best double bed sheets (king & double bed sizes). You can buy them online from anywhere in India.

Bombay Dyeing Florentine Cotton Double Size Bedsheet

This is a colorful and 100% cotton bedsheet from Bombay Dyeing. An elegantly designed double size bedsheet for your double bed. You will get this bedsheet with two pillow covers in the package. There are two color options available for this bedsheet (red & blue).

This bed sheet is made from 100% high-quality cotton, so there is no need to worry about the material of this bedsheet. The modern design of the bedsheet attracts the eys towards, and surely you will get many compliments. The size of this bedsheet is 88×100 Inch.

Pizuna Cotton Satin King Size Bedsheet

Pizuna linens is a well known American company. And this is a cotton satin king size bedsheet from Pizuna. It is an exported quality product, directly imported from the manufacturer. This bedsheet is a top-rated and internationally selected product.

This Pizuna cotton satin bed sheet is made from high-quality staple cotton to make compact yarn that increases durability by reducing loose fiber. The quality is extraordinarily smooth, and silky and you will surely experience a luxurious feel of premium quality bedding. This bed sheet is available in multi-color and size so you can choose a perfect one for yourself.

Namaste India Gold Printed Satin Double Bed Bedsheet

This bedsheet is made in India. The premium satin fabric used in making this classically designed bedsheet, designed for winter and summer. It is the right choice in AC rooms thanks to its AC comforter and premium quality satin fabric.

You will get a complete set of a double bedsheet, two pillow cover, and two filled cushions, two filled bolsters, and one AC comforter. Isn’t it a good deal?!

Fab Nation Rajasthani Print Bedsheet

This is a traditional elephant designed handblook patola printed bedsheet. The material used in the making is 100% cotton, so there is no need to worry about comfort and durability. The bedsheet is made in India and printed with the classic Rajasthani art.

This bedsheet has popular Rajasthani print; precisely, the bedsheet is a handicraft and bagru dabu printed (Rajasthani print). The package contains one double bed bedsheet and two pillow covers. There are many options available in color and design you can choose from.

Yazlyn Double Bed Chenille Fabric Bedsheet

Yazlyn bedsheet for a double bed is made from the finest chenille fabric. Chenille fabric is made from a variety of different fibers, including silk, cotton, rayon, and wool. The chenille fabric is widely used in fashion and home decor. This chenille bedsheet is soft and fluffy textile because of its material.

This double bed bedsheet is available in multi-color and two designs. This is a king-size bedsheet that easily fits over your double bed and gives an adorable look. You can easily tuck-in this bedsheet below the bed thanks to its king size. To provide you with a better idea about the size of the bedsheet, here are the exact size: 90×100 inches. There is no need to iron on it, which makes it a lot easier to use.

Portico New York Lavender Printed Super King Double Bed Bedsheet

Made from 100% cotton, this is a king-size bedsheet with a beautiful lavender print from Portico New York. The print looks gorgeous with realistic colors. The bedsheet is made from cotton material, so there would be no compromise for comfort.

The bedsheet will surely add freshness around you instantly. This bedsheet comes with two matching pillow covers with beautiful prints on it. There is no need to worry about the size, as it is a king-size bedsheet, it will easily cover your double bed and you can also easily tuck-in the bedsheet below the bed.

Danadipa Jaipuri Double Bedsheet

Danadipa is Rajasthan based international brand and manufacturer. The Danadipa manufactures various fashionable and home decor items with the classic Rajasthani touch.

This is a Jaipuri double bedsheet with beautiful Jaipuri print. It’s a cotton bedsheet and abstract black. The company offers a double bedsheet with two matching pillow covers in the package at an affordable price, check it out now.

Amazon Brand Solimo Jasmine Zest Double Bedsheet

This is a premium 144 TC bedsheet. TC stands for Thread Count, which refers to the number of threads that make up one square inch of fabric. Basically, the finer the threads that can be woven together, the softer it makes the fabric. This Amazon Brand Solimo bedsheet comes in a large size of 90×100 inches suitable for your double bed.

This bedsheet has premium quality thanks to its thread counts, and the material is made from (100% cotton). There are various bedsheet combos available, and also multiple colors in this design are there that you can choose from.

JD-Fab Chenille Double Bedsheet

This is also a Chenille fabric bedsheet. With the modern design, the bedsheet looks beautiful. The design on the bedsheet has made during weaving, and it is not a printed design, which makes it more attractive and classic. There are many color options available to choose from, so you can choose a perfect matching color bedsheet for your room.

Thread count in the bedsheet is 600 TC. The fabric used in the making is 100% high-quality material. The bedsheet is soft and smooth to the touch. This is a king-size bed sheet, so it will perfectly fit your double bed.

Urban Space Regal Double Bedsheet

Made from satin cotton, this is Urban Space Regal bedsheet for your double bed. It is a king-size bedsheet that makes it easy to tuck-in below the bed and will look neat and beautiful. This bedsheet set contains one bedsheet and two pillow covers in the package.

Brighten up your bedroom decor with this bedsheet, which comes in a vibrant range of colors and designs. You have many options in this bedsheet to choose the perfect one for your bed. The TC rate for this bedsheet is 210. This is a wrinkle-free bedsheet, so there is no need to iron it at all.

Top 10 Best Bed Sheets for Single Bed 2020

Down here are our top 10 picks for best single bed sheets (single size bedsheets). These are some top quality bed sheets that you can purchase online.

Pizuna Staple Cotton Single Size Bedsheet

  • This is a 100% cotton made bedsheet.
  • Effortlessly convenient 400 TC fitted bed sheet.
  • This premium material and designed bedsheet are for a single bed.
  • Multi-color options are available for this bedsheet.

Linenaffairs Cotton Single bed bedsheet

  • This bedsheet is available in three sizes (double, king, single).
  • The package contains one bedsheet and two pillow covers.
  • The bedsheet is available in multi-color and two designs.

Trance Home Linen Cotton Single Bed Bedsheet

  • This is a trance fitted bedsheet.
  • The bedsheet features the self satin strips which look gorgeous.
  • This bedsheet has elastic bands at the edges that allow you to tuck the bedsheet under the mattress easily.
  • The bedsheet is made of 100% cotton with a sateen weave, which gives it a subtle sheen. Bedsheet counts 200 TC with great quality.
  • It includes a single bed sheet and one pillow cover.

Home Ecstasy Cotton Single Bed Bedsheet

  • 100% cotton bedsheet for your single bed. It is available in multi-color and two sizes (single & double).
  • The thread count rate is 150 TC. The package contains one bedsheet and one pillow cover.
  • This bedsheet is woven from a superior quality of yarn in luxurious sateen and percale weave.

Home Ecstasy Cotton Bedsheet

  • Beautifully designed bedsheet for your single bed. Multi-design is available for you to choose from.
  • Made from cotton, quality is excellent.
  • The large size is also available in the bedsheet with TC of 140.

Amazon Brand Bubble Bounty Single Bedsheet

  • Made from 100% premium cotton.
  • This bedsheet has 144 TC counts for long-lasting life.
  • It is a color fade resistant bedsheet.
  • All usable season bedsheets.

Home Ecstasy Cotton Bedsheet

  • This is a Beautifully designed bedsheet for your single bed. Multi-design is available for you to choose from.
  • Available in two sizes (single & double) with a thread count of 140.
  • This single size bed sheet is made from premium quality cotton.

Huesland Ahmedabadi Cotton Single Bedsheet.

  • Premium 100% cotton bedsheet.
  • The thread count of the bedsheet is 220.
  • It’s an Ahmedabadi cotton bedsheet with luxurious design.
  • The bedsheet is available in multi-color and sizes.

Ecstasy Cotton Bedsheet for Single Bed

  • This is a modern design single bedsheet with pillow covers.
  • Multi-design is available in this bedsheet.
  • The thread count is 140.

Loreto Linen Brant Single Bed Bedsheet

  • This is a 100% cotton bedsheet from Loreto.
  • This is a single size bed sheet also available in the king and double size.
  • Premium quality printed bedsheet with a thread count of 144.

Best Bed Sheet Buying Guide for Indian Users

There are several factors that you must need to keep in mind while choosing a bedsheet. That is why we bring this bedsheet buying guide for you. Here are some factors you need to know before buying a bedsheet for your bed.

Match the Measurements to the Size of your Mattress

This might be the most common thing that a buyer would look, but sometimes they order it without even looking for the sizes. Please measure your mattress and bed size with the bedsheet you are looking to buy.

Choose the Material based on the Climate

Climate is the most dependable factor in choosing material for a bedsheet. This is because certain fabrics are more suitable for specific temperatures. You need to make sure about what fabric you need of the bedsheet because if you don’t, you might end up feeling too uncomfortable while sleeping. Here we suggested some fabric for different climate and temperature:

Cotton fabric is an excellent choice for hot and humid regions.

Microfiber is made of closely woven fibers, which make it best for colder climate regions.

Polycotton sheets (cotton+polyester) are warmer than cotton sheets, and it is a good choice for slightly cooler temperature regions.

Thread Count of a bedsheet is an essential factor

The Thread Count or TC refers to the number of threads that make up one square inch of fabric. Now you might be thinking that the finer the threads that can be woven together, the softer it makes the fabric, but that’s not totally right because aside from the thread count, material (fabric) of the sheet also play a crucial role here.

You see, a good quality cotton bedsheet doesn’t need to have high thread count numbers, while low-quality polycotton (cotton+polyester) can have a high thread count and still feel rough. Now you know the factors of thread count, so don’t just see the thread count and research the fabric as well.

Be Sure What You Want – Fitted Bedsheets or Flat Bedsheets

You need to decide it first, what are you looking for a fitted bedsheet or a flat one. Both are different from each other in layout, design, and measurement (depends on your mattress & bed). So choose the type that suits your needs and expectations.

Fitted Bedsheets

This is the right choice if you don’t want to tuck edges of bedsheets. Fitted bedsheets are much easier to use than the other. You just need to get the corners, and that’s it, easy-pizy. One of the best reasons to use fitted bed sheets is most of them don’t need ironing because they don’t crease much. Therefore, if you are a lazy person or a very busy person, then they are perfect for both of you.

Flat Bedsheets

Do you like bedsheets a bit longer? Can you iron them after washing? If you, then you would love to go for flat bedsheets because flat bedsheets have much more verity of designs than fitted ones. And If you are a fussy person, then you should know that again that flat bedsheets have more design-options and verity in comparison to fitted bed sheets.

Final Talk

Online shopping is not easy, because there are too many reviews and options available that make online shopping quite confusing. So we try here on our website to help you choose the better option for the product you are looking for. And that’s why we bring this article to you to help you find the best bedsheet for yourself with our buying guide advice. If you are looking for the link to the article featured image (cover image), here it is – Nestle Bedding Micro Fabric BedSheet.

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