Best Affordable Wash Basins Available to Buy Online in India 2021

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To make your bathroom more attractive, you need to add a perfect and stylish wash-basin, but doing this in the budget is a real challenge! But do not worry, we spent hours to find the Best Wash Basins that could be fashionable, strong, and most importantly, affordable. You just relax and leave the hard work on us.

Wash Basin or bathroom sink is one of the essential things in the bathroom that we use. We can not imagine a bathroom without a washbasin! If you choose a perfect basin for your bathroom, it could give your bathroom elegance and a better rich look, and today we are going to help you to choose the best wash-basin for your bathroom.

We made this list to help you find the perfect and affordable wash-basin. Different types of wash-basin are given below with the price list and all the details with the product images. We tried to mention even small details about the product because we believe that you should know what you are buying.

Types of Wash Basins – The Best Wash-Basins Buyer’s Guide

There are many types of wash-basins available in the market. Here are some of the kinds of wash-basins that will help you to give an idea to choose the nature of the wash-basin you might looking for!

Wall-Mounted Ceramic Basins/ Wall Hung Wash Basins

Wall-Mounted Ceramic Basins basin, Wall Hung Wash Basins

Wall-mounted ceramic basins or wall-hung basins are commonly used wash-basins. These Wall-mounted basins are fairly inexpensive and look stylish and fancy. They are easy to install as they do not require a separate table or counter or pedestal to hold them in place since they are attached directly to the walls of the bathroom.

You can find many styles and shapes of these basins. There are many more advantages to having wall-hung basins that, are too easy to clean, and they are space-saving. Wall-hung basins suit well even in small bathrooms.

Pedestal Wash Basins

Pedestal Wash Basins, basin, home, bathroom

Pedestal Wash Basin or Full Pedestal Wash Basins comes with a full-length pedestal suit with requested height with a delight usage. Basically, they are free-standing and do not need to be mounted on a wall or placed on top of a table.

There are lots of varieties available in the market such as stone pedestal wash-basins, pedestal ceramic wash-basins, and so on. In India, Pedestal wash-basins are most commonly used. You have lots of options to choose from and can find the right thing which will be suitable for you and for your needs.

Table-Mounted Basins

Table-Mounted Basins, basin, home, bathroom, table mounted

The Table-Mounted Basins or you can call it Table-Top Wash Basins. Table-mounted basins have a unique classy look within it and give an amazing look to your bathroom. It comes in various shapes and sizes. They are easy to install in the bathroom; you just need a counter! And then just place the basin on the top.

Onyx Wash Basins

Onyx Wash Basins, basin, bathroom

This is an Onyx Wash Basins, they are table-mounted basins that made entirely out of onyx. You can see an example of onyx wash-basins in the image. Onyx is glassy or more like crystalline and shiny stone. The Onyx wash-basins are luxurious and expensive and really hard to find.

Wooden Wash Basins

Wooden Wash Basins, wooden, bathroom, wooden stuff

As it’s clear with its name! Wooden wash-basins are made from woods, mostly wooden wash-basins are made from bamboo woods. The technique of making wooden basins are simple – wood is being compressed using high pressure and heat in order to create wash-basin design and then special type of resin and varnish (wax) is applied to the wood once it has taken the shape of the basin, it keeps the wood retain that shape and prevent water from getting in the wood.

These wood-made basins are looks so stylish and fancy as well as unique itself. If you want a unique and not a common basin then, it might be your choice.

Marble Wash Basins

Marble Wash Basins, marble, bathroom, home, marble basin

Wash-basins that are made from marbles are called Marble Wash Basin. They are mostly made of Italian marbles just like a wooden wash-basin that is made from bamboo woods. It seems the making of marble wash-basins is simple, but actually, it is not, giving shape to marble into the basin is very difficult to work and only a professional can do so! After the configuration, there are many such processes like polishing and final assembly of the basin.

Marble Wash Basins is generally placed on top of a counter. It commonly suits the bathrooms which make use of marble flooring and wall paneling.

Resin Wash Basins

Resin Wash Basins, bathroom, basin

Resin Wash Basins are table-mounted basins that are made from an innovative and incredible material. They are light-weight, glassy, and have unique properties such as scratch resistance and smoothness.

Resin wash-basins are table-mounted basins, so it requires freestanding or wall-mounted taps.

Best Wash Basins in India online: Affordable & Fashionable Basins 2021

Here you can find one of the best wash-basin that you are looking for. We created this list, and this list you find some of the best affordable wash-basins available in India. We know how your money is valuable to you, and spending lots of money on buying stuff like wash-basins can be a waste of money when you want to do everything in a budget!

This list has mentioned some of the best affordable wash-basins with there specifications and details. We hope this article will help you to choose the wash-basin that you were looking for.

Cera Cloister 1046 Wash Basin (Table-Mounted Basin)

cera, cera basin, wash basin, bathroom, table top basin

Cera is one of the well-known companies in the sanitary ware industry. This is Cera Cloister 1046 wash-basin, it is a table-mounted washbasin. Lightweight design, stylish and mirror-finished faucet is it’s characteristic. This sturdy wash-basin requires hardly any maintenance and can be easily kept sparkling clean, it is also non-corrosive in nature and since the material has been extremely glazed, it is easy to remove stains. The material that used to make this basin gives the basin reliable strength and rigidity.


  • Cera Cloister 1046 comes in white color.
  • The material used in the making is ceramic.
  • Seven years’ warranty is applicable to the product.

Eros Ceramic Lara Wash Basin (Wall-Mounted Basin)

eros, ceramic basin, table top basin, sink, bathroom, pedestal basin

Eros Ceramic Lara Wall Mounted Basin is a simple deigned but a stylish basin. With its simple design, it would look perfect in any type of bathroom. You can fix it in a very small space, thanks to its smart small design. The dimension of the product is 355x280x120 mm.


  • Eros Ceramic Lara comes in white color.
  • The material used in the making is ceramic.
  • Stylish & simple design.

Generic Ceramic Wash Basin (Table-Mounted/Wall-Hung Basin)

table top basin, hung basin, wash basin, bathroom

Generic is one of the leading suppliers of wall-mounted washbasin and table-top washbasin. This product from Generic is another finest product from them. It’s reliable, looks attractive and durable, makes it one of the best basins available in the market. Moreover, you can use it as you need! You can make it table-top washbasin or wall-mounted washbasin, whatever you want.


  • You can Fix it as Wall-Mounted & Table-Top both.
  • Seamless colour & texture.
  • Aesthetic look.

Cera 2805 Table Top Basin Canal (Table-Mounted Basin)

table top basin, basin, bathroom

Another Cera washbasin. This is a Cera 2805 basin canal, a table-mounted basin. The size of the basin is 370 mm diameter, and it might be a good choice if you’re looking for a small basin for your bathroom. It comes in round shape which looks unique and stylish.


  • Cera 2805 Basin Canal comes in white color.
  • Unique round shape wash-basin.
  • It consumes less space.

Aranaut LED Glass Wash Basin (Table-Mounted/Wall-Hung Basin)

Aranaut LED Glass Wash Basin, Table-Mounted basin, Wall-Hung Basin, wash basin, bathroom

Now, this what we called unique! A true LED Glass wash-basin. Aranaut LED Glass wash-basin is one of the uncommon basins in the market. If you wanted a unique and creative wash-basin, then you would truly admire this! Aranaut LED Glass wash-basin comes with the full set of mirrors, steel-stand, and LED Glass Basin. Yes, it is an all-in-one wash-basin.


  • Unique LED Glass Wash Basin.
  • You Can fix it as Wall-Mounted or Table-Top both.
  • Set of Wash Basin with Mirror and steel stand.

SESTONES Viola Wash Basin (Pedestal Basin)

pedestal wash basin, bahroom, modern wash basin

Pedestal Wash Basin is a modern design basin. It’s modern and luxurious design makes it look fashionable. The size of this pedestal wash-basin is 330x320x830 Mm. This ceramic pedestal wash-basin is available in white color and can easily fit and match with your bathroom.


  • Modern design.
  • Suitable for any design of the bathroom.
  • Standard size pedestal wash-basin.

Generic One Piece Pedestal Wash Basin (Pedestal Basin)

pedestal basin, bathroom, wash basin

This Pedestal Wash Basin is a piece basin. This basin is made from ceramic and available in two variants, one is white and another is white-black. Both options are great, if you want a simple and normal basin, then you can go for the white ceramic basin variant or if you want a different, colorful and designed basin, then the white-black basin variant is suitable for you. Size of the basin is 16 Inch Round And 5 Inch Depth And Height of 32 inches. It is a durable and designer wash-basin.


  • Unique Round Pedestal Basin.
  • Large size & available in two colors.
  • Durable & Stylish.

Belmonte Sofia Half Pedestal Wash Basin (Wall-Mounted/Half-Pedestal Basin)

half pedestal basin, wall hung basin, pedestal basin, bathroom

We are sure you have heard of Belmonte! Belmonte is one of the best sanitary product makers. Its products are reckoned for fine finish, reliability, and attractive look. You have surely seen the Belmonte products in schools, colleges, restaurants or in cinemas, and they are widely used in there. This Belmonte Half pedestal Sofia wash-basin is available in two color variants- white and ivory.


  • Unique Half Pedestal Wash Basin.
  • Made up of Ceramic.
  • Available in Ivory & white color.

ARANAUT Lip Counter Wash Basin (Wall-Mounted/Resin Basin)

rasin sink, baisin, mirror basin

With its unique design, this ARANAUT Lip Counter Glass Wall-Mounted basin comes with many more surprises. Beside wash-basin, you get a stylish mirror, self and steel stand. This basin can suit with multiple design bathrooms, and it’s easy to install. It’s newly designed to be suitable for decoration, make your bathroom look stylish. The size of the product is 24×21 inches, 24×18 inches of a mirror, 21×12 inches of self. It is a beautiful Resin Wash-Basin, ideal for homes. It’s available in two color variants- Maroon and Blue.


  • Lip Counter Wash Basin.
  • Wall-Mounted Basin with Stylish Mirror.
  • All in one- Basin+mirror+Self+Stand.

Generic Porcelain Rectangle Wash Basin (Wall-Mounted)

hung basin, basin, bathroom, unique basin, modern basin

Generic Wall-Hung wash-basin made from porcelain is a durable, stylish and a unique-shaped basin. This wash-basin gives an aesthetic sense to the bathroom. This rectangular-shaped washbasin with a water source, embedded as a part of the basin, giving it an unabridged large area look. It is a perfect combination of detail, stability, and design. The wash-basin can be used as wall-hung or as table-top, the choice is yours.


  • Rectangular shaped wall-hung wash-basin.
  • You can fix it as Wall-Mounted or Table-Top.
  • Made from Porcelain.

Joyo Cera Bali Wash-Basin (Table-Mounted Basin)

joyo, cera, ceramic basin, wash basin, bathroom, table top basin

Joyo has a variety of wash-basins, here we have one of their best product that is available in the market at an affordable price. The Joyo Cera Bali Collection Wash-Basin is capable of suiting the decor of any bathroom and gives an aesthetic look to it. This Joyo wash-basin has one unique quality; it is a “digitally printed wash-basin,” Ceramic material is used to make this masterpiece with an excellent finishing and charming look. The size of the basin is 18×14 inches.


  • Digitally printed wash-basin.
  • Unique-shaped design washbasin.
  • Light-weight ceramic basin design.

Joyo Cera Designer Marble Wash Basin (Marble Wash-Basin)

table top basin, basin, joyo, cera, designer basin

Marble Wash Basin from Joyo Cera. This Joyo Cera basin is made from Italian marble and digitally printed a unique design and its a truly unique combination of both. The size of this Italian design basin is 18x13x5.4. It can match with any bathrooms, but it suits more with the bathrooms which made of marbles flooring or wall paneling. Another variant of this marble wash-basin is also available which is made of black marble and looks great, the link to that basin is here- Joyo Cera Black Marble WashBasin.


  • Made-up of Italian Marble.
  • Digitally printed wash-basin.
  • Color- Ivory Marble.

iHome Bamboo Wash Basin (Wooden Wash-Basin)

basin, bamboo basin, wooden basin

iHOME Bamboo Wash Basin is a fair product in the low price range. Best wooden basins cost high, which is not affordable for some of us. We did some research and found this product. Made from bamboo woods, it is a unique wooden washbasin. This basin needs maintenance after every use; the company instructed that the user has to rinse and wipe the sink with a clean and soft cloth to eliminate any water spots or soap film build-ups.

There are more good wooden wash-basin products available in the market which needless maintained or nearly no maintenance, but they cost much higher. We suggest you if you can able to maintain wash-basin as a recommendation or you wish to have a wooden-basin then go for this product, if you have to wish to have wooden wash-basin, please check out these Basins that need almost no maintenance but have a higher price.


  • Wooden Wash-Basin.
  • Made from Bamboo Wood.
  • Unique Design.

Joyo Cera Wash Basin (Resin Wash Basin)

basin, joyo, cera, resin basin

Made of Resin, this Joyo Cera Basin has a different level of charm. It seems clear that Joyo Cera really focused on the design of the basin! Made of Resin this round-shaped wash-basin has a great and smooth finish and has a stainless steel stopper at the center. It is grey in color and looks incredible. The size of the basin is 14.8×14.8×6 inches.


  • Made from Resin.
  • Round Shape basin.
  • Basin+Stand+Ganga Pillar Tap+Brass Waste Coupling.

Generic Undercounter Wash Basin (Undercounter Wash-Basin)

basin, bathroom, unique basin, Generic, Undercounter Wash Basin,

If you are looking for a space-saver washbasin then this could be your choice. This is an under-counter washbasin from Generic. It is available in many sizes so you can choose as your need. With its smooth finishing and clean color, it looks amazing.


  • Available in many sizes.
  • Undercounter wash-basin.
  • Smooth finishing.

One Piece Pedestal Wash Basin (Pedestal Wash Basin)

pedestal basin, bathroom, wood basin, unique basin, designed basin

This Generic One Piece Pedestal Wash Basin is made up of ceramic and designed as wooden floral brown with flowers. This fancy basin looks great with its design and color. It is a long-lasting and durable wash-basin, seamless color, and texture. The size of the basin is 16-inch round, 5-inch depth, and 32-inch height.

This basin is little expensive wash-basin but its worth it. It looks impressive in any kind of bathroom design, It looks rich and fancy, and it is durable! Another variant of this pedestal wash-basin is also available which is made of ceramic with different designs and colors. Link to that basin is here- Ceramic Pedestal Wash Basin (Black with Strips).


  • Ceramic Basin with Wooden Floral Brown Design Color.
  • Available in two Designs.
  • 32-inch Wash-basin.

Final Talk

These affordable Wash-Basins are available on amazon to buy, and you may also get a discount on it. These are one of the best products that a home can get; each wash-basin has its own specialty and able to give charm to your bathroom.

Choose a wase-basin which makes a clear design statement and could be the focal point of your bathroom. You have many choices on the list but, we have also given some more suggestions below, so you could have enough options to choose from. If you are looking for a link of wash-basin featured on the cover (Top of the Article) here it is – CAPSTONA Zebra Triton Basin.

Also, here is our list of 29 Useful Gadgets & Accessories for Kitchen & Bathroom – Useful Gadgets for Your Bathroom & Kitchen.

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